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Motivational Speaking
& Advocacy

Whatever your goal is, I can help you get there through Motivational Speaking. Through personal experience, I’ve learned the importance of investing in Motivational Speaking, and I try to motivate others through the motivational speaking process.

LGBTQ Advocacy

Engage & Influence

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Call to Action

Snapback from HIV Diagnosis


Checka Cee and special Co-Host Donaldo talk about the importance of taking care of your physical and mental health after being diagnosed with HIV. Donaldo explains the importance of family support and how you too can guide a family member or friend in the direction of healing.

Breaking Down Stigmas
Celebrity Fashion Makeup Artist Donaldo Taylor


Celebrity and Fashion Make Up Artist Donaldo Taylor shares his discovery for the love of colour at a young age and how one day his amazing next-door neighbor would shift his love of colouring into his new passion for makeup artistry. We also talk about why he is so passionate about the LGBTQ community and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS through his speaking engagements and we talk about how parents can support their children who may come out and how we as a society can breakdown these stigmas.

Discovering Your Power®
To Be A LGBTQ Warrior

In honor of pride month Discover Your Power and Coach Lizeth interviews Celebrity Makeup Artist Donaldo Taylor about how he uses his platform to inspire people to help them feel beautiful from the inside out as a member and leader of the LGBTQ community!

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